Ask The Right Questions Denver Electricians Answers

The Denver area gives home to many great, knowledgeable and reliable Denver electricians, so finding the right contractor for your project should not be a problem. However, not all electricians offer the same services or specialize in the same types of projects, so here are some questions to ask before hiring your specialist:

  • Licensing and insurance – the first thing to find out before moving on to other topics is whether the electrician is suitably licensed and insured. You should only work with an electrician who carries a state-issued license and has proper insurance, too, so ask to be shown copies of the documents;
  • Specialization – the electrician’s area of expertise is very important. For example, if you need to replace the electrical wiring in your home, you need an electrician specializing in residential projects, but of you need repair, installation or maintenance for a commercial building or an industrial facility, you need a specialist with an entirely different expertise and experience;
  • Warranties – you need a reliable technician who stands by the quality of their work and offers warranty on the workmanship they provide as well as on the fixtures, cables and other materials used while working on your project.