Did you know electricians need math

The job of electricians is to repair, install and maintain things that involve the passing of electrical current – in other words, Denver electricians need to master multiple disciplines from mathematics and to physics to mechanics and they also need a good level of dexterity and technical skills, too. Here are some interesting things that you might not have known about this special trade:

  • Master electricians pursue very long training – many of them train for almost as long as doctors. The learning process starts with training as an apprentice, then they need to spend at least three years working in the field, then they can apply to become masters;
  • There are dozens of specialty areas to choose from – some electricians specialize in the systems used in homes, others move in the direction of industrial systems or outdoor systems and there are electricians who specialize in the systems used on cars, to mention just a few of the major areas of specialization;
  • They need soft skills, too – whether they have their own business or work as employees, electricians usually need to communicate directly with clients and they are often faced with unexpected situations, therefore they need excellent communication skills and problem solving abilities as well