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The most convenient place to charge a Tesla is right at home, overnight. All you need is a home wall charger, which is easy to install by a professional electrician, and easy to use. You simply plug in your car, when you arrive home, and let it charge until morning, when it will be ready for drive.

Sometimes, you may encounter some problems with your device, from slow charging speeds to poor connection. Here are 3 Tesla home wall charger maintenance and repair tips:

  1. Your Tesla charger communicates with you via flashes of red light. You must pay attention to the number of flashes, as it tells you about the problem your device is facing. You can find more about this in your charger’s installation manual.
  2. If your Tesla home wall charger is not charging fast enough, you should know that the charging speed depend on factors like the maximum charge speed or the maximum output of your circuit breaker.
  3. Always hire a Tesla certified Centennial electrician at when your charger requires maintenance and / or repairs. Specialists have the necessary expertise to determine what needs to be done with your charger, so you can use it safely, and for as long as possible.