lamp row light bulfs electricians install

1. The most common light bulb is the one with an E27 socket. These bulbs exist in most residential buildings. E27 is an indicator for the diameter of the base (27mm), “E” – being the abbreviation from Edison, the one who invented it.
2. Not as popular as the E27 base, but still very common is the E14 type socket, most often used in sconces, lamps etc. The difference between E27 and E14 is the size of the base, E14 having a diameter of 14mm, being similar, but smaller than E27.
3. Rarely found among household consumers is the E40 type, very common in street and industrial lighting. This base has a diameter of 40 mm.
4. Bulbs with bayonet base are mainly used in the lighting of commercial areas, so especially in ceiling lights. There are several sub-types, variations of the G24 base and they are usually compact fluorescent bulbs.
5. Spotlights (bi-pin sockets) – In this category we list the spots that have 2 pin bases of various shapes and at different distances from each other. Usually these lighting sources use filaments with incandescence in halogen environment. G4 spotlights are the smallest lighting sources. There are also G9 spots, reflection spots, GU10 spots and GU5.3 spots.

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