electric car charger station

Owning your Tesla home charging station comes with the advantage of charging your electrical vehicle at home, during the night, without interfering with your daily schedule. Your car will be fully charged in the morning. But is it reliable enough to worth the price?

Tesla home charging stations are pricey in deed, but they have good reviews and there are a few good reasons to choose them over others.

Yes, they are reliable if installed by an electric car charger installation Aurora Specialist. After all, Tesla is a household name and the company that fundamentally shifted the trajectory of electrical vehicles, getting them where they are now. It would be unlikely for it to sell unreliable products, regardless of their type, because this would affect its reputation.

Besides, home charging stations are constantly being improved. Second-generation products are better than the previous ones, providing faster charging capabilities, as well as more convenience. For example, you can open the charge port remotely, without getting into the car or opening your Tesla app.

So, if you own a Tesla car, it is worth to consider installing your Tesla home charging station too. It is a good all-round product, well-built and well-designed, with a premium finish. On a technical level, it keeps things pretty simple, so you are less likely to experience issues.