Electrician Install USB Outlets

Many digital devices today can be charged not only through conventional power outlets, but through USB ports as well. While the traditional way to charge our devices are still working, USB wall outlets are gaining increasing popularity – here is why:

  • Efficiency – the devices connected to the power grid through a USB outlet in the wall ensures much faster charging than the devices connected to the USB outlet of a tablet or laptop that is plugged to a traditional outlet;
  • Convenience – many USB outlets intended for being installed in the wall have multiple ports, allowing you to plug multiple devices simultaneously. You can also choose units that include not only USB outlets, but conventional outlets as well;
  • Durability – USB wall chargers are not mobile and they are made from materials of the highest quality, therefore they are much more stable and much more durable than mobile USB ports;
  • Reducing the number of adapters and cables that you need to use – using wall-mounted USB ports will allow you to charge your devices without needing a separate adapter for each of them;
  • Freeing up AC outlets – having USB outlets will let you use the AC outlets for devices that don’t have the option of charging through USB.  A good Westminster electrician can install a USB outlet rather easily.