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The right combination of intensity, colors and shapes of lighting fixtures for your garden will help you be closer to the idea you have of the perfect, enchanting yard. Apply the tips below and enjoy a WOW effect!

  • Combine different light sources; it is not enough to use a single type of light source, if you want the atmosphere to become as welcoming as possible
  • Incorporates all three types of lighting; ambient light must be interspersed with direct light and also with a few accents, for a truly spectacular result; for example, exterior lamps can be wonderfully combined with lanterns and decorative poles; remember that direct light is more suitable to be used for the alleys, while accent light can be directed to beautiful details such as flowers, bird bath fountains or the perfectly mowed lawn.
  • It is useful to know that every square meter in your garden will require about 1.5 watts
  • Your safety comes first, so make sure that the main access areas, alleys and gates are properly lit, to avoid any unpleasant situation
  • The direction of the light must always be towards the yard area or the exterior decorative object that you want to highlight after dark; garden lighting sources should not disturb your neighbors.  For great lighting designs look to an experienced electrician Denver area homeowners recommend.