Ask an expert questions for electrician

Hiring the right electrician for your home renovation or repair project is no easy task, especially not in a city like Denver that gives home to so many electricians. The best way to find the right expert is to perform some online research, then to contact the contractors that seem suitable to talk to each of them in person. Here are some important questions to ask the Westminster electrician that you are considering for hire:

  • Licensing – electricians are allowed to start a business of their own only after they obtain a state-issued license. Electrician licenses are issued only after passing multiple, difficult exams, so ask the electrician to provide a copy of their license to be sure that the contractor has the right knowledge and operates legally;
  • Insurance – you need to hire an electrician who is also properly insured to give you the peace of mind that your property is covered for any damage caused by the electrical work;
  • References and experience – ask the contractor to tell you about their experience with the type of project that you are planning;
  • The project – ask the electrician how they are planning to handle your project, whether you will need any permit for it and also find out about the warranties offered by the electrician.