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The electrical systems used in residential or commercial environments are very strictly regulated by electrical and building codes. As a general rule, if you want to replace a single fixture and outlet or a switch, you don’t need any permit, but if you are planning to implement changes that involve the replacement of wiring or a complete overhaul of your electrical system, you will need a blueprint executed by a professional as well as permits issued by the authorities. The standards and codes that regulate electrical wiring systems are very complex, so you will need professional help to understand and to implement the required measures, but here are some general aspects that you should know about:

  • national codes – one of the most important regulations that electricians refer to when designing electrical wiring systems as well as during the installation of those systems is the national electrical code;
  • local codes – another code that electrical systems need to comply with our local codes. These codes very often modify the national ones and they take prevalence over the national code;
  • Always hire a professional – the design of your electrical system should be informed by more than just the rules of physics to make sure that your wiring system is completely safe to use as well as complying with the applicable coding always hire a professional for the job.  For professional electrical work get in touch with JM Electric at