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The popularity of eco-friendly living solutions has increased, and more and more people are shifting now toward electric vehicles. But owning an electric car charging station also comes with the need of finding someone to fix it, when it happens to malfunction.

But who is qualified to deal with these new and modern devices? Can a regular handyman fix an electric car charging station?

For this job, you will need an experienced and qualified electrician. Many electricians have already taken their certification for working with EVs and related accessories, intuiting the lucrative opportunities that will keep expanding in the future.

A regular handyman may have the skills, but if they are not yet qualified and certified, it means that they do not have the necessary training, so it would be very risky to hire them to repair your electric car station. Always look for a licensed electrician, who went through at least one training course related to fixing EV charging stations, which made them understand the particularities of such a device and the fact that installing and repairing one is not the same as installing or repairing a standard 13A socket. There are specific regulations that must be respected, according to the electrical safety legislation.  Professional electricians like that are licensed and up to date with the current codes is whom should do the install.