new home electricians installed wiring pre drywall inspection

Your home’s electrical wiring is one of the most complex systems in your building, a system that you rely on for the comfort and safety of your household, therefore the installation of the wiring in your new build should always be performed by an electrician who carries the right license and has the right experience to handle all the steps involved. Here is how Denver electricians will create the electrical system in your new home:

  • Designing the wiring diagram – in the first phase, your electrician will work with you to determine the exact place of power outlets and breaker boxes and to design the path of the wires in the walls. While creating the design, the electrician will consider not only your requirements, but compliance with electrical and building codes, too;
  • Installing the wires – the electrician will drill holes in the walls to implement the wires and will also perform the installation of the outlets, fixtures and switches and breaker boxes, connecting everything in the end;
  • The finishing touch – the final phase consists of closing the holes drilled in the walls and testing the system to ensure that the wiring and the accessories all operate safety and are of the right capacity.