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The combination of electricity and water can lead to extremely dangerous situations that might even involve electric shocks. Hot tubs use a variety of protection solutions to separate electrical current and moisture in any form, the faults that involve a malfunctioning in those protections being very dangerous and potential causes of extensive damage all around the appliance, especially in the wiring. Unless you are a professional electrician yourself, you should leave the process of safely and correctly diagnosing and repairing the electrical fault with your hot tub to Hot Tub Wiring Aurora professionals – that is the best way to make sure that a potential contact between water and electricity we are not cause further damage.

What your electrician will do first is to disconnect the appliance from the grid as well as from the water supply. In the next phase, your specialist will make measurements to figure out whether the fault is caused by a malfunctioning component of the hot tub, by the wiring or by something else. When the culprit is found, your electrician will try to remedy the problem on the spot. If that is not possible because a component in your tub needs to be replaced, your electrician will leave and will contact you with a cost estimate for the replacement. Any further repair will take place only if you give your approval and based on a schedule about which you agree with your electrician.