electrical master electrician JM Electric technician

Electricity improves our daily lives but only when used safely. Electrical accidents are most likely to happen when the equipment is damaged or misused. That’s why, when you move into a newly bought house, it is very important to hire a master electrician JM Electric Inc., to inspect the existing electrical system and identify potential electrical hazards.

Checking the condition of sockets and extension cords

Damaged sockets, damaged power cables of the equipment in the house and defective extension cords can all cause electrical shocks, burns and fires. A professional electrician will look for signs of burns, pay attention to their temperature and to the sounds produced by the electric arc.

 The connection of the grounding conductor to the sockets and extension cords must be appropriate, and the faulty cables, plugs or sockets that heat excessively or present signs of burns must be replaced. Also, the maximum level of electrical consumption that an outlet allows must be respected.

A professional electrician is the best source of information for you. They will warn you about the risks that you expose yourself to and if you are making any mistakes in using the electrical system in your home. As a user, you must make sure that you eliminate any risk in this regard.