minor electrical home repairs outlets

An electrical installation is the control tower of any home; it must be installed, checked and changed only by professionals, following a consultation with the owners.

Because this is where many of the house’s problems start, such as the frequent burning of light bulbs or blown fuses, you must periodically carry out detailed inspections of your electrical system that will give you information on its operation and performance.

Do you suspect problems with the electrical installation? You do not have electricity in your home? Does a socket or a switch has come out of the wall? Do you need to replace a light bulb, neon tube, LED tube or starter? Do you have to repair lighting fixtures that no longer work? Do you have to repair electrical spot supply circuits? Do you have problems with the fuse box or has a short circuit occurred? Did you get a shock from one of the appliances (washing machine, iron etc)? Do the lighting fixtures flicker and the appliances turn off often?

If the answer is Yes to one or more of these questions, call an authorized electrician. In this way, you have the guarantee that the intervention is carried out respecting all safety measures. You can also benefit from non-stop interventions at competitive prices.

Common home electrical repairs include a wide range of services, such as:

  • Restoring electrical voltage
  • Repairing electrical installation damage
  • Repairing electrical panel failures
  • Modernization and replacement of electrical panels, lighting fixtures and switches
  • Internet and TV cabling
  • Providing surge and electric shock protection
  • Installing and powering household appliances
  • Checking and maintaining electrical installations

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