electrician repairing electrical box components

The electrical service panel has a very important role in an electrical installation. It protects the internal electrical circuits by means of circuit breakers (also known as fuses). Besides fuses, an electrical service panel also contains conductors and relays. Depending on the type of panel, the electrical components that make it up differ, by voltage, destination and here we can have apartment or block electrical panels and industrial panels.

There are several types of circuit breakers that can be used in an electrical panel: monopolar and bipolar circuit breakers, circuit breakers with minimum voltage release etc. Additionally, in an electrical panel, you can add ring bells, different switches and other modules.

The electrical service panel has three basic functions. It distributes power to all electrical circuits in the house, contains devices that protect individual circuits from overload and provides a main switch that is used to cut off power to the receivers in the house.

This is the central distribution point for the electrical circuits supplying receivers and devices throughout the house, as well as the lighting system that is installed by electricians in Denver homes. As the name suggests, a circuit is a circular route, which means that it begins and ends in the same place. This is how electricity works. The current is generated by a power supply, it starts the device along the circuit and returns to the same power supply. Any interruption cancels the circuit.