Lighting Design Trends

In lighting, there is a technological revolution of such a speed and magnitude that it can no longer be overlooked. Here are 6 of the most interesting trends.

  1. Location identifier

Latest technologies use lighting to identify people who reach the perimeter of properties. This type of location identification is possible through light bulbs that transmit the information on our smart phone and notifies us about people who visit us.

  1. Lighting control with video cameras

At present, many lighting fixtures use infrared sensors to turn on, but soon, they will also be equipped with video cameras.

  1. Self-learning lighting systems

Yes, you read it well! There are products that learn our habits and then behave exactly as we would do. As they will become more popular, we can expect them to increase our comfort and help us make energy savings.

  1. Integrated street lighting

Street lighting poles are no longer simple outdoor lighting fixtures. New creative trends are to transform them into complex devices that also transmit Wi-Fi signal and have integrated surveillance cameras.

  1. Lighting fixtures that are more than just lighting fixtures

With the apparition of lighting fixtures connected to the internet and the accessibility of their sensors, these products can now be also used to transmit various data about air quality, temperature etc.

  1. Wi-Fi or Li-Fi lighting

This technology will probably replace the current wireless systems. With the help of led’s, we will have an ultra-fast internet!  Find great lighting designs through JM Electric of Denver.