Lighting Patio Electrician Denver

The lighting that you use on your patio determines not only the usability of the space, but the atmosphere of your evenings there as well. Here are some great and easy creative lighting ideas that can instantly transform your outdoor space:

  • String lights – these strings are easy to hang above your patio furniture and they come in many varieties, allowing you to choose the type, the size as well as the color of the bulbs;
  • Illuminated logs – you can buy your log lamps, but they are better if you make them yourself – all you need is a few logs that have cracked or that you crack with an axe or some other tool and a suitable bulb that you install inside the log. Be aware that log lamps don’t produce intense light, they are more for adding atmosphere or for illuminating the sides of the pathway for more safety;
  • A tea light chandelier – get some jars, place tea lights inside them, then fasten the jars to a hanger with the help of strings. The chandelier will spread a warm, cozy light similar to the light of candles and the jars will protect the light if the evening gets windy as well.

For a more permanent lighting design, contact the electrician Denver CO professionals for consultation.