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While the installation of earth rods used to be absolutely essential for the safely of the charging process and was an integral part of installing electric car charging stations, the process has nowadays been largely eliminated with the latest chargers.

The installation of earth rods being generally considered somewhat risky due to the dangers involved when the rod hits a sewage pipe nor a waterline during the installation, the most modern units have been developed to eliminate the need for earth rods, but even so, many people still choose to get earth rods even with chargers that do not need them. While doing so, these people endure unwanted complications, therefore the first thing that you must find out is whether your charger requires an earth rod upon installation or not. If it does not, it means that the piece of equipment already integrates a system that continuously monitors the voltage passing through the unit and that stops the unit instantly if a fault or something wrong is detected. Smart chargers are also available these days – they make charging even safer, by sending alerts over Wi-Fi in the case that something suspicious is detected while the unit is connected to the electric vehicle and charging the special EV battery.  Electricians at JM Electric provide car charging installation services at https://jmelectricinc.com/services/, to make sure the job is done right.