Ask An Expert Car Charger Electric Installation

In the past the only way to get your electrical car charged was to take the car to a nearby gas station that provided charging stations to or to the parking lot of a supermarket or an office building that had chargers installed. Fortunately, those times are gone and electric car charging stations are available for being used in the comfort of your home as well. Whether your charging station comes along with the car that you have recently bought or you decided to buy one separately, you must be aware that these modern devices are very complex and they require professional electric car charger installation Aurora electricians offer. here is what to expect of the process:

  • Schedule an appointment with your dealer – the dealership that you have purchased or received your charging station from will need to make an appointment for you and they will send a team to track your building and to determine the best place for the charging station. Before the team arrives make sure that you remove honey obstacles from the area where you want the charging station to be installed – your team will take care of all the rest;
  • A short installation visit – the process of installing your new charging station will probably last for around an hour, an hour and a half. During that time, the installation team will mount the station on the wall, they will connect it to the electrical supply system in your home and they will activate the unit via the Wi-Fi system in your home. You will probably be able to start using your charger that very same day.