Trends Electrician Home ElectricalImproved energy-efficiency is not only a way to reduce your energy bills – it is also a way to reduce the environmental impact of your home. Electricity bills make up a considerable part of energy expenses in any home, therefore it just makes sense to start looking for ways to reduce your household’s electricity usage. Here are tips:

  • Pay attention to how you use electricity – turning off the light whenever you leave a room might seem like a banal solution, but it is very efficient;
  • Replacing fluorescent or incandescent bulbs with LED lights – LED lights might be a bit more expensive than more conventional solutions, but they use about 80% percent less energy and are much more durable than traditional light sources;
  • Invest into solar panels – harnessing the energy of the sun is an excellent way to replace some of the electricity you use from the grid with energy from a renewable source;
  • Use energy-efficient appliances – always check the energy-efficiency rating on the appliances that you buy, appliances with a high rating do make a difference;
  • Use a ceiling fan instead of an air conditioner – ceiling fans use much less energy than complex HVAC appliances and they also keep the air fresher.  As always have  your electrical system inspected by a Littleton electrician every so often.