outdoor lighting electrician installation

Outdoor lighting is an integral part of any home and is becoming increasingly popular, not only for the beautiful outdoor atmosphere it creates, but also for the safety it provides.

If you know how to choose the right lighting fixtures for our yard, you can turn it into a fairytale world.

Light the trees in your yard

If you have trees, you can use their branches to position light strings. Besides the fact that you will create a lovely atmosphere, the light coming from above is stronger and will shine on a larger radius.

You can choose outdoor light strings in various shapes, colors and sizes, which you can weave around. If you want to obtain ambient lighting, rotate the strings only around the tree trunks; if you want to highlight the whole tree, weave them on its branches. The effect will be incredibly beautiful!

Lighting other plants and the lawn

Decorative projectors and light poles are best suited to highlight certain areas of your garden, as well as the lawn.

Porch lighting

In this area you can combine several types of lighting sources, such as recessed sconces, lanterns, ceiling lights or LED spotlights. Have a licensed electrician Denver CO has do the job though, so it is up to code and safe.  Usually, the most popular are the exterior wall sconces.. If you want to create a welcoming atmosphere, opt for warm light.