How New Lighting Solutions Can Help You Save On Your Energy Bills

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New Lighting Solutions Electrican Denver Solutions

Most of the time when we analyze the comfort of a building, two essential factors come to our mind: light and heat. In this article we will discuss about lighting the interior spaces and how we can benefit from high comfort at low energy consumption using energy efficient lighting solutions.

Some criteria for obtaining energy efficient lighting would be:

  • Choosing lighting fixtures with high light efficiency and corresponding color rendering properties
  • Choosing lighting fixtures with efficient light distribution – choosing lighting fixtures with high light output
  • Choosing a system adaptable to changing lighting requirements
  • Choosing lighting fixtures with reduced installation and maintenance requirements
  • Painting the surfaces of the room in light colors

What is SSL?

Solid state lighting (SSL) is the most innovative technology on the market today. It is based on light-emitting semiconductor materials that convert electricity into light and include illumination with luminescent diodes (LEDs) and organic electroluminescent diodes (OLEDs).

What is LED technology?

A light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor diode that emits light. Discovered from the beginning of the 20th century, it could not be used properly until in the 80-90s, when specialists found new ways to use electroluminescence. Compared to incandescent bulb or fluorescent lamps, LED bulbs can produce the same luminous flux but at much lower consumption.  Talk with your local electrician Denver has to offer and find new lighting solutions for your home.

How To Create A Jaw-Dropping Holiday Home Lighting Display

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Home Lighting Electricians Inspections

Winter holidays are a wonderful time time spent with family and friends. The feeling you have when you exchange gifts and enjoy a delicious meal while listening to carols, can be complemented with a festive atmosphere, by decorating the house.

The Christmas tree, lights, ornaments – all will create a fairytale environment that you will enjoy. Below you will find some ideas to help you create an impressive holiday home lighting display.

The easiest way is to use artificial light sources, both indoors and outdoors, to highlight certain points of interest, but also to illuminate dark spaces. In addition to the projector that will cover the entire facade of the house in snowflakes, you can also use bright cables to highlight pathways in your yard. You can put light stings around the windows and hang others from the roof, in the form of stars or icicles.

Inside, you can unleash your creativity using holiday lights in the most inventive ways. Here are some ideas:

  • On a table in the hall, place a few transparent jars in which you have introduced a light installation.
  • Use light strings on the ceiling, to illuminate it entirely.
  • Use light boxes, on which you can write various things, such as “Happy Hollidays!”

As always, make sure to have an electrical inspection performed by electricians in Denver to put safety first, before beauty.


What Is Vampire Power And How To Avoid It

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Vampire Power Electrician Tips

Did you know that electronic devices have a “secret” life and consume energy even after you switch them off? Yes, there are many little “vampires” like these in your house that spend half of their lifetime and even more plugged in, even during the time you are not using them.

For example, smart devices are so smart that they consume power when not in use. A very serious report made by the International Energy Agency within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development was released recently and it draws attention to an aspect that has been neglected for too long: the fact that smart devices consume much more electricity than traditional ones. And most of this consumption occurs while the devices are in stand-by – that is, from our point of view, not working. Stand-by does not actually mean that the device is off, warns IEA experts. Examples are TV receivers. In the United States there are 160 million such devices consuming 18TWh of electricity annually, more than half in stand-by mode. Consumer cost of receivers in stand-by: $ 1 billion – money spent on nothing.

And these are not the only vampire devices in our house. We can add the microwave oven, the TV or even the coffee machine. If you want to avoid vampire power, you must get used to unplug devices you no longer use.  Find out more by talking with an electrician Denver CO has to see how you can conserve energy.

How Does Kitchen Lighting Differ From Other Home Lighting

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Proper Kitchen Lighting Electricians Install

Proper lighting contributes significantly to increasing the comfort of any room. The kitchen is no exception! Usually, the space is divided into two areas of activity – the dish preparation area (the work area) and the serving area, so lighting is all the more important. It is not more complicated than in the case of other rooms, but rather related to many specific details.

There are many lighting fixtures suitable for kitchens of different styles- chandeliers, spotlights, neon etc. – that it is almost impossible for us to tell you how you should light your kitchen. But we can tell you where and how you should do it. For those who work in the kitchen, there is a permanent need for perfect lighting everywhere in the room. The worktop and the sink are usually the areas where it is best to plan additional lighting, because often the light from the main fixture (typically installed on the ceiling) will fall exactly behind you, which will not be too helpful.

Our state of mind is influenced by the amount of light in our homes, but especially by its quality. Each area of the kitchen needs the appropriate lighting for the main activities that take place there. So let’s keep in mind the key words that will make the difference between poor lighting and quality lighting: direct light, warm light and light corresponding to the working areas.  For lighting designs for your kitchen, get in touch with the expert Arvada electricians for desired lighting and professional installation.


Reasons to Call an Electrician

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Reasons To Call Electricians Denver

Electrical maintenance of a home is often put aside and ignored until the very first sign of malfunction and, if left unattended, they could pose a great risk in the future. Any small sign of electrical failure should be a cause for concern and it is best to take the necessary precautions as soon as possible.


A personal inspection of the home could be done, however, if no visible damage can be found, the best thing to do would be to call an electrician to asses the issue. Safety brakes help prevent any damage caused by power failure by stopping the flow of electricity.


If these usually trip, especially under a low load, it means that they are doing their job and could be a problem with the wiring itself. In extreme cases, if fuses are blowing up it usually means that the amount of electricity drawn is much higher than what the system can handle.


Relying too heavily on extension cord may also be one of the reasons to call electricians Denver companies employ, so that they may install additional wall sockets to reduce the load on an individual one caused by an overloaded extension cord. An electrician can change, upgrade or expand the electrical system of a home so that each room has enough sockets available to provide the current needed for home appliances, more safely. Old and deteriorated wall sockets can be replaced to ensure that it functions correctly and poses no potential risk when used.


Any small signs of electrical malfunction such as flickering lights and light bulbs burning out quickly should be addressed immediately and calling an electrician to do a regular inspection of the home’s electrical system is necessary to ensure that it functions correctly.

Common Problems Seen With Home Lighting

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Common Electrical Problems In House LightingBesides providing the light needed in the home during the night, lighting also serves an aesthetic purpose. Different lighting problems can manifest over time, either due to poor fixtures, and old or deteriorated wiring. The problems can range from a simple light bulb replacement to a more rare and complex electrical system replacement.


Loose and Malfunctioning Light Bulbs

Flickering lights is something that everybody has experience with. If this is an isolated issue, such as a room, it could be the result of bad switch contacts, malfunctioning light bulb or simply a bulb that is loose in its socket. If the issue manifests through the entire home, then the problem may lie with the electrical system in general and calling an electrician would be necessary.


Wiring, Fixtures, and Switches

Another common issue is the quick-burning out o light bulbs which could be the cause of high wattage or extreme power fluctuations, causing the light bulb to overheat. With the power turned off, a thorough check of the wiring is important to make sure that no deterioration or lose wiring is present. Common places where the wiring can come loose is behind the wall switches. Also, the ceiling and all fixtures should be removed and determine if there is loose or deteriorated wiring and should be inspected by an electrician at as soon as possible.

Boosting Your Home Value With Lightning Solutions

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Centennial Electrician Boosting Interior Lighting

There are many ways to increase the value of a home. Either keeping the home in good shape so that little maintenance is required, repainting the walls or buying new appliances and furniture. A detail that will greatly increase the value of a home is the lighting. Having proper lights for each room will make a huge difference. The lights in a room can greatly affect the feel and ambiance, giving the home a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.


Besides giving the rooms a unique feel, lights can also act as a focal point of a room. A large living room having a chandelier placed in the middle will look good every time, however, it can also be placed in other parts of the house, such as a bedroom. A single source of light may not be enough. Adding some dimmer wall mounted lights will help give the room a unique aesthetic, making it stand out and not be too bland.


Knowing what the room is used for could determine the type of lights that should be added or replaced. For example, the room where specific tasks are being done such as reading, writing or anything work-related, having a reading lamp would make a huge difference.


Much attention should also be paid to the exterior. Exterior lights should bring into focus the main aspect of the house. Having well-placed lights above or around the porch will make it look more inviting. Lights in other areas such as pathways and outdoor living spaces will enhance the overall curb appeal of the home.  Make sure to find a great Centennial electrician that you can hire to do all your electrical work.

How Much Training do Electricians go Through?

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Denver Electrician Apprenticeships Training

Having a career as an electrician comes with a great benefit, job security. It can safely be said that a time where electricians are no longer needed will never come and the skills of an electrician will always be in demand. Training to become an electrician can be a fun challenge for many people. The career of an electrician can be pursued by all people with a high school diploma by either taking apprenticeship or through a vocational program.


An apprenticeship is a great way to have hands-on experience on the site and some combine practicing practically, as well as classrooms. Before getting an apprenticeship, it is advisable to build a foundation of knowledge with a vocational program. In this program, the basic knowledge of the trade is being taught. Technical math, electricity basics and also the electrical codes of the area operating in, these are some of the basic knowledge being thought. This will increase the chances of receiving an apprenticeship with an experienced electrician and have the opportunity to work on-site.


A general Denver electrician apprenticeship will last between 4 to 5 years, all the time being supervised by a seasoned electrician and also receiving a wage. The apprenticeship will consist of basic tasks at first which will gradually become more complex over time after more experience is gained. In total, the average time it takes for a novice to become a full-time journeyman electrician would be between 5 to 6 years.

Benefits to Installing USB Outlets in Your Home

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Electrician Install USB Outlets

Many digital devices today can be charged not only through conventional power outlets, but through USB ports as well. While the traditional way to charge our devices are still working, USB wall outlets are gaining increasing popularity – here is why:

  • Efficiency – the devices connected to the power grid through a USB outlet in the wall ensures much faster charging than the devices connected to the USB outlet of a tablet or laptop that is plugged to a traditional outlet;
  • Convenience – many USB outlets intended for being installed in the wall have multiple ports, allowing you to plug multiple devices simultaneously. You can also choose units that include not only USB outlets, but conventional outlets as well;
  • Durability – USB wall chargers are not mobile and they are made from materials of the highest quality, therefore they are much more stable and much more durable than mobile USB ports;
  • Reducing the number of adapters and cables that you need to use – using wall-mounted USB ports will allow you to charge your devices without needing a separate adapter for each of them;
  • Freeing up AC outlets – having USB outlets will let you use the AC outlets for devices that don’t have the option of charging through USB.  A good Westminster electrician can install a USB outlet rather easily.

Decorative Lighting Designs for Your Patio

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Lighting Patio Electrician Denver

The lighting that you use on your patio determines not only the usability of the space, but the atmosphere of your evenings there as well. Here are some great and easy creative lighting ideas that can instantly transform your outdoor space:

  • String lights – these strings are easy to hang above your patio furniture and they come in many varieties, allowing you to choose the type, the size as well as the color of the bulbs;
  • Illuminated logs – you can buy your log lamps, but they are better if you make them yourself – all you need is a few logs that have cracked or that you crack with an axe or some other tool and a suitable bulb that you install inside the log. Be aware that log lamps don’t produce intense light, they are more for adding atmosphere or for illuminating the sides of the pathway for more safety;
  • A tea light chandelier – get some jars, place tea lights inside them, then fasten the jars to a hanger with the help of strings. The chandelier will spread a warm, cozy light similar to the light of candles and the jars will protect the light if the evening gets windy as well.

For a more permanent lighting design, contact the electrician Denver CO professionals for consultation.