Electrician Electrical Services

The comfort in a home comes from its facilities, electricity being one of them.

The main electrical panel is an essential component of the electrical system. It is the entry point of electricity throughout the house, having both a distribution and a protective role.

In time, the main electrical panel may become outdated, compared to the initial design of the electrical network, additional household electrical users appear and thus there will be higher consumption requirements. An outdated electrical panel can become a danger to the safety of the people living in that house, increasing the risk of fire.

What can be done in this case? If it is not too old, your main electrical panel may be upgraded, by replacing the old fuses with modern fuses. However, in some cases, replacing the electrical panel is the right thing to do.

All these operations must be done only by an authorized Westminster electrician.

Unauthorized interventions at the electrical panel can cause serious malfunctions, short circuits and may put people`s life at risk. The risks of electrocution are major.

The process of replacing the main electrical panel must take into account the characteristics of the electrical system in the house. An undersized panel can cause problems if the sizing of the automatic switches is not done correctly, the risk of fire being high.

On each electrical circuit, the fuse must cover the estimated consumption. If there are larger electricity users, and the circuit cannot cope, additional circuits will be installed.