hot tub malfunction new wiring electrical repair

Hot tubs are not only large appliances – they are also quite complex, with lots of electrical and mechanical components. While some simple procedures, such as cleaning or replacing filters, can be safely attempted by amateurs, most problems and malfunctions require hot tub wiring Aurora professionals attention. Here are some faults that should call a repair technician for:

  • The water emits an unpleasant odor – there can be many causes why the water in your hot tub smells funny, from clogged filters to blocked pipes and from water contamination to the failure of an important component in the circulation system. Rather than trying to guess what has gone wrong, you should call a professional right away;
  • Leaks – using the hot tub usually involves some water splashing around, but if you notice that the level of the water is decreasing even when the tub is not used, it means that the system is leaking somewhere. The crack through which water escapes is usually hard to find and leaks also tend to grow quickly, so you should schedule a repair visit as soon as possible;
  • Malfunctioning jets – another issue that can be caused by many things and that requires a professional to set up the correct diagnosis and to repair the fault.