Safety First Centennial Electrician Procedures

We rely on electricity, but occasionally we fail to consider its harmful potential, which may lead to terrible accidents. Human hearts can be stopped even by the 120 volts of household current. Electricity may cause shock, fire, and explosion, but an experienced Centennial electrician is aware of these risks and take steps to either eliminate or control them.

If your home has been flooded, you must first turn off the power supply even if this delays the home drying and cleaning process. To avoid accidents and bodily injuries that can be fatal in such a context, you must call a licensed electrician. They will know best how to turn off the power supply safely.

A licensed electrician will then examine your residence and provide you with an Electrical Installation Condition Report that details the state of the wiring and any equipment requiring repairs. Both permanent equipment, such as electric stoves, and all of the portable electric appliances impacted by the flood will be checked to ensure that they are secure for continued use.  

A qualified electrician will typically only need to dry out wires and repair any accessories impacted by the water (sockets, switches, plugs etc.), that is if the water damage to the electrics is minimal and was caused by clean water. On the other hand, if there is major damage caused by contaminated water, it is possible that some of the electrical installation may need to be rewired.