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Storms can cause different electrical problems. Sometimes, high voltage lines are damaged due to fallen trees or other objects taken by the wind. In this case, entire neighborhoods and even cities can be out of power for a while.

But much more frequently, there are overloads during electrical thunderstorms. When lightning strikes near power lines, even if no direct contact occurs, the rapid ionization of the air and a large amount of energy are sufficient to induce additional energy in the power lines. How can you protect yourself from an overload? – The best way for residential consumers to prevent accidents is to disconnect their homes from the power source during a storm.

How can a Littleton electrician help you if you experience electrical problems caused by storm damage?

The only people who should repair electrical systems are licensed electricians. They will know what to do to fix the damage and restore the power in maximum safety. They may also suggest options for improving your electrical system to withstand future storms.

In addition, the written storm damage report you will get from an authorized Littleton electrician is very important. It has legal value and will be extremely useful if you make an insurance claim.