How It Works Car Charging Station JM Electric Professional Installation


A Tesla home charging station is a necessary appliance for those who own a Tesla electric vehicle and need to charge it often. Being able to charge your car at home during the night, without interfering with your program during the day, is a huge advantage.

You charge electric appliances and devices every day: phones, laptops etc. Using a Tesla home charging station is not fundamentally different. Your EV has battery packs that store DC energy. Most home chargers use AC power which is converted to DC by a converter built inside the car (most 2022 Tesla cars have an 11.5 kW onboard charger).

Chargers that provide DC power directly are high-speed and can mostly be found in public spaces, but can also be installed in your garage by professionals like JM Electric Inc., who have a lot of experience with car charging stations.

The Wall Connector is the option recommended by Tesla as the best home-charging EV tool. It is easy to use and suitable for outdoor installations. Compared with the Mobile Connector, which is another home-charging EV solution, The Wall Connector charges faster.

You should keep your car set up to approximately 90% battery percent, but you can safely charge it up to 100% when you plan to go on a longer trip. The battery charging level can be adjusted from the charge settings menu.

Additionally, you should know that there is no need to wait for your car`s battery to fully deplete before charging it, as Tesla uses lithium-ion batteries that have no memory effect, so you can plug your car into your home charging station as often as you need.