electricians electric car charging station installation

Electric car charging stations, whether installed in the vehicle owner’s garage or in public places such as gas stations or parking lots, need to be installed, maintained and repaired by technicians certified to perform such work. Here is how the repair of such a charging station will be handled by a professional electrician:

  • the diagnosis – the first step in any repair process is the identification of the fault. In order to diagnose the issue that has led to the malfunctioning of the electric car charging station, the electrician will inspect the appliance and will make measurements with special testing devices to figure out exactly what the problem is and how to fix it;
  • repair action – if the malfunction requires the replacement of any of the components of the charging station, the electrician will leave the site and will order the replacement part following the clients approval. If the repair can be performed right on the spot, without requiring component replacement, the electrician will proceed that way;
  • testing – this is also an essential phase of the repair process. When the repair is complete, the Denver electricians will repeat the measurements to see whether the issue has been remedied indeed and will also test how the appliance works, probably by connecting a car.