ceiling fan electrical work electrician installed

Identify the cables that reach the ceiling installation point. You will find a few wires in different colors: white, yellow, green, black and, in some cases, blue (if the fan also has light). The white wire is neutral, the yellow wire is grounded, and the black wire brings electricity to the fan. If you have a black wire and a blue wire at the point of connection to the ceiling, you must have two switches on the wall.

The fan should also have a green, black and white wire (also a blue wire, if there is light connected to it).

These wires must be connected to each other, as follows:

  • Connecting white wires. They are neutral and their connection will complete the fan circuit.
  • Connecting green wires. The two green wires are the ground conductors and protect the fan from damage caused by power peaks.
  • If there is only one switch, connect the black wire to the blue wire of the fan. This will allow you to control both the lights and the fan from a single switch.
  • Connecting the yellow ground wire to the green wires. This will connect the internal components of the fan to the grounding terminal.
  • If there is only one switch, connect the blue and black wires already connected to each other to the black wire coming out of the ceiling. If there are two switches, connect the blue and black wires of the fan with the blue and black wires in the ceiling. If the fan does not have light, connect only the black wires.  As with any electrical work,  you should have electricians in Denver do the work for safety reasons as well as quality assurance.