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Electrician services are essential for maintaining the safety and functionality of buildings in the residential, commercial and industrial segment, which also means that electricians are experts who provide critical services during the COVID-19 pandemic, too. However, the current pandemic has radically changed the way most of us perform our daily work tasks, electricians being no exceptions – all electrical maintenance, repair and installation processes need to be performed not only professionally, but also observing all the safety measures implemented to protect from infection with the novel coronavirus. Here is how electricians should handle COVID safety:

  • Maintain safe distance of others – social distancing is among the most important protective measures to be observed by Denver electricians. Whether the job site is a residential, commercial or industrial building, the work needs to be organized in a way that allows for minimizing contact between people without hindering work efficiency;
  • Protective gear – the special work clothes that protect from electrical shocks need to be completed with facial masks and a facial shield as well;
  • Hygiene – the surfaces that the electricians touches need to be disinfected before as well as after the contact to prevent the spreading of the disease to the electricians as well as to the people touching the surfaces after the electrical work is complete.