New Lighting Installation By An ElectricianSome types of renovation serve the sole purpose of enhancing comfort and safety in the home, others are for adding value and there are some, including lighting renovations, that serve both purposes. Engaging into a lighting renovation project improves your home’s resale value in multiple ways – here are some:

  • Adding visual appeal with new fixtures – you can instantly transform the looks of your rooms with some new lighting fixtures. The process does not have to involve extensive drilling into walls and replacing cables – if the electrical system in your home complies with local codes, replacing only the fixtures can make all the difference;
  • A complete overhaul – a home that has a poorly designed electrical system or a system that is too old can easily become a dangerous place. It will add value to have a certified licensed centennial electrician out to do a complete overhaul.  If your building’s electrical wiring is in less than tip-top shape, the best way to add value and to improve safety and comfort in your home is to have those old wires replaced entirely;
  • Adding new outlets for layered light – relying on one central source of light for the illumination of the entire room is no longer considered attractive. The issue can be easily remedied with a couple of new outlets and your new light sources will also make your home more attractive to potential buyers.