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The warranty period for electrical installation works extends for a minimum of 25 years, depending on the complexity and type of the building. In the case of electrical installation works performed from scratch, you can benefit from a warranty of up to 50 years, in compliance with the conditions provided in the contract, regarding the maintenance and use of the electrical installation.

In order to fully benefit from the warranty, you must avoid:

  • Collaboration with amateur electricians
  • Working with unreliable electricians, who may cut some corners on projects, promise a lot and do little
  • Choosing the Centennial electrician who asks the lowest price
  • Working with materials that are not according to the standards, nor suitable for the type of electrical project you need, materials that do not have a warranty or quality certificates

The electrical installation has an overwhelming importance in the good development of our daily activities. An electrical work can be dangerous if not executed according to the regulations in force, not to mention that all subsequent interventions needed to fix it are going to involve higher costs and lots of other inconveniences.

If you need new electrical wiring in your home, turn to an authorized electrician, who can offer you a valid contract and provide you a warranty as long as possible, quality works at convenient prices, quality materials and compliance with execution deadlines.