How Many Outlets Do You Need In A Room

The costs of the electrical installation in your home increases with each outlet added, but don’t forget that you only need to do the installation once – if your rooms are fitted with sufficient outlets, your home will be comfortable and you will not need to make costly redos later. Here are a few ideas about how to determine the ideal amount of outlets that you need in your home:

  • Meeting local building codes – the codes applicable in most areas require homeowners to install at least one outlet within a 6-feet distance from any given point on the wall, although the Denver electrician will know the legal requirements;
  • Planning for more – the best way to find out the ideal number of outlets is to design the arrangements in your rooms and to decide where to place the outlets and how many of them you will need;
  • Pay attention to the regulations pertaining to the wiring as well – find out about the type of wire that you should use in your home and make sure to use wires that are somewhat thicker than the minimum requirement;
  • Don’t overburden your circuits – there is no specific number of outlets that can be added to a circuit, but avoid overburdening the system your circuit breakers that need too much energy.