electrician apprenticeship how to manual

Electricians are professionals who install, maintain and repair various types of electrical systems and equipment used for residential, commercial and industrial settings. During their work, electricians use their knowledge of mathematics, physics and technical drawings and they also use special tools and devices, which means that the skills and the knowledge they need to master encompass a very wide range. If you are interested in learning the trade, here is how you can become a licensed electrician:

  • Education – electricians usually need a high school diploma or equivalent, after which they can start learning the trade in specialized courses or they can attend an institution of postsecondary education. Another way to learn the trade is to join an Littleton electrician apprenticeship program – many large companies offer such programs for those who want to learn the trade, but have no previous experience. Apprenticeship programs usually take 4-5 years to complete, during which the apprentice will work as a trainee electrician under the supervision of a master and will also participate in classroom education to learn the theory;
  • Obtaining the license – to become a licensed electrician, the people who possess the right diploma or have completed an apprenticeship program must pass state-level examination. The requirements for participating in and passing these exams vary from state to state.