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Both at work and at home, choosing good light bulbs is extremely important if we want to have some rest and relaxation or, on the contrary, an atmosphere that inspires and helps us focus. But with so many bulbs on the market it can be difficult to choose.

The most important consideration is the amount of light the bulb offers. If you really want to know the amount of light emitted by a lamp, you need a unit of measurement that allows you to compare any type of lamps, regardless of the lighting technology. This unit is the lumen. The higher the lumen value, the stronger the light emitted.

Another detail that you need to know when you want to buy the right light bulb for your needs is the color temperature you need. Nowadays, bulbs can offer very different color temperatures, so you must know how to choose. The color temperature, which is measured by a unit called Kelvin, helps you create different atmospheres: while low Kelvin light bulbs generate a warm yellow light, suitable for relaxing and creating in a comfortable home environment, those with a high Kelvin value produce a cool light, white and bright, very good for working and staying focused.

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