electric charging station electrician installed

The growing number of electric vehicles on the road require the continuous expansion of the EV charging station network as well – while in the past, the scarcity of the stations was a significant hindrance that discouraged the use of electric cars, nowadays, it is easy to find suitable charging station at a couple of corner’s distance, wherever you are. Here is how to locate the charging station that is the closest to where you are:

  • Go to the nearest supermarket or to a larger gas station nearby – most supermarkets and filling stations have charging stations that are free to use;
  • Use applications – there are many free applications that you can use to locate EV charging stations. Most applications can be used on various platforms, on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices and they can be used for free. Some applications can be used online without requiring you to download anything, while others need a client downloaded on your device;
  • Use the GPS navigation on your phone – the maps used by the GPS on your phone display some of the charging stations in your area, though there might be more charging points around you than the points shown on the map.  For installation of an electric car charging station look to a professional Centennial electrician with experience in your surrounding neighborhood.