Room Lighting

Often overlooked in redecorating or arranging a space, lighting plays an extremely important role in the interior design. That is why it is important to know how to combine the practical and aesthetic function of different types of lighting.

When it comes to illuminating art décor, you must opt for accent lighting. Contrary to ambient lighting, which is designed to provide a general source of light for an entire room, accent lighting highlights only certain features (the fireplace, a wall, a niche or art décor elements).

Highlighting art objects draws immediate attention to them and accent lighting can also be used to create a certain atmosphere around them.

Illuminating art décor can be achieved with different sources of accent lighting:

  1. Ceiling-mounted accent lights

These fixtures are designed to allow you adjusting the direction of light, and some of them also have light-beam spreads, to cover the entire artwork, not just a part of it.

  1. Track lights

These are just as efficient as ceiling-mounted fixtures, but are more flexible ad easier to install.

  1. Picture lights

These are typically mounted on a wall above the pictures, or directly on the frame of individual artworks. The light source is really close to the art décor, therefore these fixtures are typically low-wattage. The provided light is intimate and inviting.

  1. Wall washers

These can be placed on walls, floor or ceiling and used to create a bright wall where artworks are displayed. Wall washers seem to be quite popular with contemporary collectors.  Any type of lights that need wiring should be installed by the professionals at