ac running like new electriciians repair wiring

Summers are becoming longer and hotter each year, requiring air conditioners to work harder and longer, too. There are many things that homeowners can do to achieve that reliable operation all summer long – here are some:

  • Don’t neglect the filters – air conditioners use multiple filters to prevent blockages by debris and dirt. Some of these filters can be cleaned, others are disposable and need to be replaced. Before you turn on your AC unit at the beginning of summer, remove and wash all the permanent filters and replace the disposable ones – that way, your AC unit will be safe to operate and it will not get blocked for a few months;
  • Clean the outdoor unit – the AC component that is placed outside your building is continuously exposed to the elements and it can get easily clogged with dried leaves, feathers, dust and dirt. Clean the outdoor unit before you start the appliance and check it for clogs and debris regularly throughout the summer;
  • Professional inspections – get one of the professional electricians in Denver to check your AC before the heavy-duty work starts is also a good idea. Your specialist will check all the major components and will perform the necessary repairs to ensure proper operation.