Lighting fixtures spread light in rooms or various areas of them, but the amount and quality of light can be negatively influenced by their exposure to dust and other types of dirt.

Dirty light fixtures do not spread the full amount of light they have the potential to. Also, if we talk about dirty bulbs, they have a shorter lifespan. Therefore, you must keep your light fixtures dust free.

If we talk about lamps, chandeliers, spots or other type of light fixture made from glass or plastic, they can be cleaned with a cotton cloth and a special solution. Make sure the cloth is damp but does not drip. Water or spray cleaning fluids may enter the electrical parts of a lighting fixture and damage it or, worse, cause a risk of electric shock. Make sure to never clean a light fixture with the light on!

To keep your light fixtures dust-free for a longer time, you must reduce the dust in your home. You know that great feeling that rewards your effort after a few hours of cleaning the house, because… the dust has settled? Well, you have to do everything you can to maintain it for as long as you can. This way, dust (including on your lighting fixtures!) will not accumulate so quickly. You can also opt for recessed lighting fixtures that are protected from dust due to their design.  Places such as JM Electric in Denver can help with all your lighting design ideas and bring it to fruition.