Installing New Electrical Socket

Children`s fascination for cables and for introducing various objects into electrical sockets may result in extremely serious accidents by electrocution, so you must do everything in your power to prevent them.

Check the entire electrical system

The first step is to look for a good electrician to assess the state of the electrical installation you have in the house. Some specialists say that such an assessment would be needed at least every year. It may seem exaggerated to pay someone so often to check the electrical installation, but you should do it at least before the baby is born or while he is still not walking, because once they begin crawling through the house, they will also start exploring everything. And, unfortunately, electrocution accidents are quite common among babies.

Change the old sockets

If the sockets are old models, replace them. The most secure are the grounded outlets, which reduce the risk of involuntary electric shock or malfunction of electrical appliances. You can also install wireless outlets that do not work unless you activate them from your Smartphone.

Use socket protectors

Another thing you should consider is the protections for sockets, which are efficient and cheap.  Find more information at