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The condition of the electrical outlets is essential for the safety and the functionality of your home, therefore it is very important to pay attention to the signs that indicate loose or damaged outlets.

The most common signs of faulty outlets are loose plugs, imperfect contacts, sparks coming from the outlets, a warm wall around the outlets and burned plates, but in more severe cases, the outlet might also cause electrical shock. Faulty electrical outlets also increase the risk of fires.

Fixing the damaged outlet might be a task that is more complex than diagnosing the fault. The safest way is to call an electrician Denver has to perform the replacement professionally, but if you have some experience performing electrical repairs and you are absolutely sure that you are familiar with the procedure, you can attempt the repair on your own. Before you start, make sure that you switch off the circuit breaker that leads to the faulty outlet, then double-check to be absolutely sure that the outlet is not live. It is also important to know your limits – if you see any burnt wires inside the outlet, it means that the problem is more serious than just a single loose outlet and you need to call an electrician to check your entire electrical system.