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Electrical hazards can affect not only humans – they are dangerous for the pets in the household, too, especially for rodents, such as rabbits, that just love to chew on live cords. Here are some tips to make sure you pets are safe in your home:

  • Do not leave cordage laying around – loose cords connected to the outlet are very dangerous for pets, so make sure that your animal friends cannot get to them. You can either choose not to have any cords laying around or you can use pet-proof cable beds to protect the cords as well as the pet;
  • Always unplug electronic devices that are not currently in use – it will probably take some time to get into the habit of unplugging your devices right away when you stop using them, but it is a great way to ensure pet safety and to use energy more responsibly;
  • Train your pets – cats and dogs can be taught not to go near live cables and power outlets. Cats respond better to negative stimuli, so you can spray the areas around forbidden areas with a smell that your pet does not like, while dogs respond better to rewards, so you can use your dog’s favorite treat to teach the pet not to go near your electrical appliances.  Get routine electrical inspections