Think Safety First Littleton Electrician Licensed

Kids love to experiment and are very curious, too, especially around objects that do things, such as electrical appliances. Learning how to stay safe is a very important part of learning to navigate day to day life, so here are some tips about how to teach your kids about electrical safety in any environment, not only in the home:

  • Use demonstration – electricity is dangerous and invisible, therefore any simulation of the dangers involved in the home might be dangerous, too. However, demonstrations are still the best way to teach, so take your kid to a school lab or to a museum of natural sciences where there are machines to simulate how electricity works;
  • Implement rules – when your kid is old enough, develop a set of rules about how to use electrical appliances safely, practice the riles and monitor your kid while using appliances for at least a couple of months;
  • Precaution measures – if your kids are still young and you are not entirely sure that they follow the rules in a reliable manner, use precaution measures, such as child-proof covers on electrical outlets and child-proof buttons on appliances to prevent accidental turn-on. Try to keep electrical devices out of reach of children as much as possible.  Make sure to keep your electrical up to date with