modern lighting electricians installed denver home solutions

Lighting your home is one of the biggest expenses in any home, a substantial amount of money to be shelled out every month. Traditionally, home illumination fixtures use incandescent light sources, an energy-hungry solution that is also limited in terms of durability. Fortunately, modern lighting solutions from electricians in Denver that deliver the same performance as traditional solutions, but use only a fraction of the energy are today widely available. Here is how these modern lights will save you money:

  • Less energy transformed into heat – incandescent bulbs transform 90% of the energy they need into heat that gets dissipated without any use. Modern lights, on the other hand, produce only an insignificant amount of heat, converting most of the energy needed into light;
  • Durability – energy-efficient lighting solutions can last for up to a hundred times more than traditional bulbs;
  • Alternatives – the most common energy-efficient solutions include LED’s, halogen lights and fluorescent lights. They all come in a wide array of styles, shapes and sizes and they all offer the choice to choose the desired light color as well. These modern bulbs can be connected to dimmable switches to adjust the brightness of the light and they can also be associated with photocells that turn the lights on when motion is detected and that turn the light off when there is no one in the room.