Designs For Holiday Lighting

Over the past few years, we saw the apparition of the eco-friendly trend in most industries. When it comes to lighting designs, this trend also translates into the use of economic bulbs, which have a significantly lower consumption than incandescent bulbs, offering the same amount and quality of light and having a lifespan of up to 15 years.

Another novelty is the apparition of LED light bulbs that have the shape and aspect of incandescent bulbs, but are much more economic. The old fixtures installed in the buildings can easily receive LED light bulbs, so you will not have to make any additional changes or replacements.

These innovations are now also used in holiday lighting designs. A special emphasis is put on the exterior festive lighting, visible mainly on the main façade and the entrance door, but also on the roof and the vegetation in the yard. Colored light bulbs, fairy lights and projectors are very popular to light up the holiday nights and create beautiful visual effects.

It is good to keep the same line with the style of the house and avoid overloading. Also, create a balance between the lighting designs used on the building, on the surrounding vegetation and ground lights, if necessary have a licensed electrician Denver promotes install safe electrical outdoors.