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If you are the proud owner of a hot tub, you surely enjoy your appliance either on your own or when you make it the centre of all the action with hot tub parties. However, owning a hot tub also involves some chores and activities – your hot tub will need to be cleaned and maintained, the water in the tub will need to be treated and occasionally replaced and the entire unit will need to be maintained to avoid costly and unnecessary breakdowns. Being such complicated appliances, not all hot tub related tasks can be performed by tub owners – here is a short breakdown:

  • water treatment – the process of adding substances and chemicals to the water to maintain its quality is a task that most homeowners are willing to assume. The process is easy and straightforward and usually described in your hot tub manual;
  • hot tub cleaning – it is usually not enough to add various substances to the water in your hot tub. The tub itself will also need to be cleaned regularly. The recommended interval is every couple of months, whenever the water is drained from the appliance and it is also a task that can be safely handled by the tub owner;
  • repair and maintenance – these two tasks are not for amateurs and they should not be attempted by tub owners, being best left to professional services https://jmelectricinc.com/services/.