Hot Tub Wiring Yes Dangerous for Amateur Call Professional JM Electric

Although we live in the age of internet tutorials that can make you consider yourself a skilled DIYer even if you are not, it is dangerous to tinker with your hot tub wiring system – and with that of any electric appliance!

The type of wiring associated with a hot tub involves complex details and it might even require an upgrade for your electrical service, to keep up safely with the increased power load.

There are a lot of mistakes that a DIYer can do, from failure to install GFCI Protection and test it on a regular basis, to bonding mistakes, grounding mishaps and tripping the breaker. Some of these mistakes may leave you exposed to unexpected electrical hazards that may have the most severe consequences.

That’s why, instead of tinkering with your hot tub wiring system, you should call an authorized electrician. Such a professional known the electrical codes (each state has its rules and it might be difficult to keep up with them if you do not work with electrical codes on a regular basis), is properly trained to deal with electricity safely and is also fully insured.

Just ask yourself who would you prefer to trust with your safety and maybe with your life: a trained and licensed professional like, or an amateur?