Denver contractors have already been working around the clock on several projects. While some of them involve extensive remodeling and renovation jobs for commercial real estate and public places, others have more to do with the housing market, like plumbers and certified electricians Denver based.


Recently, the money that has been going into some of the major Denver construction plans was surprisingly high. More than $3 million were invested this year alone, and that is actually a new record, based on accurate stats evaluating the amounts associated with past construction projects.


By the beginning of October this year, more than 59,000 permits were allocated for various projects in Denver and around the Denver metropolitan area. Despite the fact that the record for single-year permits is close to 80,000 (set on 1999), the number of permits released in 2017 still rivals the 64,624 permits released in 2016, and the overall value of the projects is much higher as well.


Even though there were rumors that construction in Denver and the rest of Colorado might be slowing down, these figures show that local officials, investors and construction companies have a lot more to say on that topic. In fact, a significant increase in the number of houses and residential buildings, as well as technologically advanced commercial buildings, is expected by the year 2020.