Updating Your Homes Lighting Fixtures Can Recuse Energy Costs

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Electric New Lighting Fixtures Installed By Electric Company

One of the most common requirements today is related to energy efficiency, and the energy consumption of modern buildings benefit from energy efficient lighting solutions. The precise definition of lighting purposes is an initial requirement for updating your home lighting fixtures. Manufacturers of energy-efficient lighting equipment come up with lots of designs, matching any style, that have sensors and work with led bulbs or other modern technology.

However, when you decide to update your home lighting fixtures, the quality of the lighting should not be sacrificed just for the sake of making economies.

Some criteria for obtaining energy efficient lighting would be:

  • the choice of fixtures with high luminous efficiency and with corresponding color rendering properties
  • the choice of fixtures with efficient light distribution and in accordance with the requirements of limiting the direct blindness
  • choosing a system adaptable to changing lighting requirements
  • the choice of lighting fixtures with reduced installation and maintenance requirements
  • the surfaces of the room should be painted in light colors

The main criteria for evaluating lighting systems are:

  • the lighting comfort is achieved
  • there is a balance between energy requirement and specific consumption
  • The system is reliable, durable and can be operated safely and easily
  • specific costs (investment, operation, maintenance) are affordable

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Tips For Translating Your Home Lighting Dreams Into Reality

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Hire Electrician Home Lighting Design

When you plan your home lighting, you need to consider some important things and even talk to a specialist in interior design. This way, you will make the right decision and you will be able to translate your home lighting dreams into reality.

The function of the room

Each room in the house has a certain role. The bedroom is for resting, the living room for relaxation and for the reception of the guests, the kitchen is for food preparation and eating, the study is for working, and the bathroom – for hygiene. Lighting in these rooms must, first and foremost, help them fulfill their practical function.

Design style

The interior design offers a certain direction for all the elements of a room, including the lighting. You cannot mount a vintage looking chandelier in a modern setting, just like you cannot choose any modern metallic fixture for a classic or romantic style.

Room size and access to natural light

In a large room, you will need more lighting, especially if the windows are not generous in size. In general, in such situations, you can choose fixtures with multiple arms or spots, which is a suitable alternative if you feel that other products will unnecessarily load the decor.  For lighting design ideas and more look at


Dressing up Your Interior With New Lighting Fixtures

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Arvada Electrician Electrical Designs

There are many times when redecoration can result in wonder to how a room looks. Either changing some furniture or reposition them in other areas or simply by sprucing up the ambient lights without the need of any other modification. When it comes to options in light fixtures for a house, the options are endless. The many varieties of available allow mixing and matching them in a way to perfectly suit a room.


Different Fixtures for Different Rooms

There are some recommendations of what type of light fixture would fit a specific room and plays an important role in the room’s overall decor. Good lighting can greatly affect the mood of the space. In a home, the light should be inviting and comfortable. Let’s consider a living room. Space is large enough to accommodate a chandelier that could complement the interior design and could be the main point of interest in a living room, with all of the floor objects placed in such a way that surrounds the chandelier.


For an office space, ceiling fans can provide a more modern aesthetic. However, left on their own can look very bland. Setting up some extra lights, or in this case, a few down lights around the fans will set a different tone and feel. Wall-mounted light fixtures are a great choice when it comes to creating great-looking ambient light.


Have a Consistent Flow

Usually, a room needs to have a combination of ambient, accent and work lights. Blending these 3 sources of light is essential to create one consistent ambiance in a room. Also, the light flow from one room to the next should be able to blend nicely together. This means setting a mood for each room so that the ambiance remains consistent as a whole, while the individual rooms having own subtle and unique flair.  Hiring an electrician from can be the answer you are looking for to come up with an ultimate lighting design.

What Are Smart Light Switches?

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Intelligent houses with integrated lighting and home automation systems are no longer considered futuristic elements. At present, most electric appliances and devices can already be managed by artificial intelligence, remotely, via the Internet or mobile telephony.

And the best part is that this technology is accessible to everyone. An existing electric installation by licensed electrician Denver area can be upgraded by simply adding switches that can be controlled remotely.

These smart switches can turn on or off the light with a simple touch. There is also the option to increase or decrease the intensity of the light, depending on the sequence of commands that you perform.

Another advantage of these smart light switches is that they turn the light on progressively, which means that it will reach the maximum intensity within a few seconds. This feature is great because turning the light on does not create an optical discomfort anymore.

In the past, all of these options required a permanently powered device that used to consume energy, but the miniaturization of power circuits along with new technologies and radio modules with extremely low energy consumption led to the possibility of integrating these circuits in series with the lighting circuit that you wish to command.



Making Your Life Easier With New Lighting Design

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Lighting Designs That Make Your Life Easier

When it comes to new lighting designs installed by electricians in Denver that make your life easier, we primarily think about smart lighting systems with motion sensors that provide added comfort and safety to your home, without having to compromise the design.

Depending on your needs and imagination, motion sensor lighting systems can be very useful on halls, access ways, or in storage areas such as the closet or pantry.

For a long time, the benefits of sensor lighting have been shaded by the unsightly aspect of the sensors mounted visibly on the wall or ceiling. But new models reflect a special attention to details and have the sensors hidden behind the glass.

In addition to the aesthetic impact of the new designs, they have an increased efficiency, due to the use of high-frequency radar technology, which provides superior sensitivity and a larger detection area.

These smart lighting fixtures are very practical. You do not have to find switches in the dark anymore and they also help you make energy savings. They allow you to set the detection range and the start time according to your own preferences. For example, on less circulated corridors, the light off time can be set to happen more quickly than in the kitchen or in the bathroom, where you can set the time to the maximum, to prevent the light from going out while you are still in there.


How To Accent Your Home Decor With Lighting

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Choose Lighting For Home Decor

Often overlooked in the process of (re)decorating the space, lighting plays an extremely important role in interior design, provided you choose the right lighting fixture and put it in the right place, integrating it into the home decor.

Creating an ambient light effect can be done by respecting minimal rules in layout and intensity, as well as by being creative and knowing a thing or two about style. Dare to make a change in your home, choose some new lighting fixtures, and the atmosphere will change as you say “light bulb”!

Ceiling lamps – create a strong light and are recommended to be installed by electricians Denver supports in every room (although not as unique lighting options).

Pendant lighting fixtures – are often installed above a table and are typically used in high ceiling rooms.

Spotlights – are mostly used as accent lights. They can be mounted on walls decorated with art objects, in hallways, to provide continuous lighting, or in kitchens and bathrooms, for their practical function.

Table and floor lamps – their light is not so bright, but it is powerful enough to be used for reading and other activities. They can also be used as decorative light sources, to highlight some particular area.


How to Find the Right Chandelier for Your Entryway

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Lighting In Hallway Of Home

The chandelier in your entryway or hall is among the most conspicuous objects in the space, an important component that plays the practical role of providing proper illumination and a great tool for making a positive first impression on your guests. Here are a few tips about how to find the best chandelier:

  • Consider the features of your entryway – the height of the ceiling and the width of the room are very important. As a general rule, to create an elegant and attractive space, there must be an 84-inch distance between the bottom of the chandelier and the floor – if your ceiling is lower than that, installing a chandelier might not be the best idea. To be able to pick the best piece, you need to calculate the maximum size of your chandelier as well – if your entryway is 10 inches wide and 15 inches long, the space can accommodate a chandelier that is up to 25 inches wide;
  • Consider the existing style and decoration – you can choose to contrast traditional furniture with a sleek, modern chandelier or modern furniture with an elaborate lamp or you can choose a chandelier of a style that matches the overall style of the space.  It is worth the extra money to have it installed by Denver electricians for safety as well as appearance.