Lighting Tips JM Electric

The right interior lighting starts from the premise that the electric lighting is not necessary throughout the entire day, because the natural light is also important and must be exploited as best as possible.

Experts with companies such as JM Electric say that the minimum requirement for a room to be properly lit is that the glazed surface represents at least 10% of its total surface.

Cardinal points influence the interior lighting

It is recognized and demonstrated that the orientation of the room influences the interior lighting.  When you build a house, you should install the windows of the main rooms to the south, to benefit from sunlight all year long, or to the west, especially in the case of living rooms, because the sun will be present there in the second part of the day. Children`s rooms can have windows oriented to the east, because the morning sun will give them the energy they need in the first half of the day, while storage spaces can have north-oriented windows, considering that sunlight is not essential here.

Lighting scheme

A single light fixture will not provide you with the right amount and intensity of the light. This is why you must consider a general and a specific lighting scheme for each room. The first one will light up the whole room, facilitating your regular activities, while the second one will focus only on certain areas such as the office, the kitchen counter or the work table.